Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by my web-site
My name is Katharine N Farrell (Kate) [BA, MSc, MSc, PhD] and I'm
pleased to welcome you to my tiny little corner of our giant global
 I'm a 'political scientist' - which either means that I'm a
scientist (biochemist in case you're interested) who has become
politicised or that I study politics scientifically.
 As the great Albert
Einstein might have said: it all depends on the circumstances.
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on a lighter note
Wish I could offer you a cup of tea but there are still some things we can’t do over the
Internet.  Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to show you around the place a bit …  

For starters, I should warn you that I'm a bit of a Luddite - meaning to say, this is not
likely to be the most dynamic web page you’ll ever visit.  Nonetheless, as life on earth
in the 21st Century includes the world-wide-web, I’m doing my best to keep pace.

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If you'd like to contact me directly you can do so via my permanent academic email katharine.farrell@qub.ac.uk .

you can click here on the book image below for information about
the book
Beyond Reductionism that I edited
with Tommaso Luzzati and Sybille van den Hove
you can click here below on the images from Alexander Rodin to access the
Special Feature of
Ecology and Society that I edited with Andreas Thiel