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STUDENTS: Katharine N. Farrell
Ecofeminism Seminar February 2010, Barcelona, Spain
Convened at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA),
The idea behind this seminar is to provide a general introduction to the literature on feminist
economics and a more detailed elaboration of selected related works by selected ecological
economists. It will start with a general discussion of feminism, tighten focus onto feminist
economics and then tighten again onto ecofeminism within ecological economics.

Completion of circulated readings is NOT required for attendance at the seminar sessions. You
are, however, requested to bring the following: good will for a fruitful and constructive
discussion, an open mind and your concerns and curiosities about the idea of feminism and its
relation to the problems and problematiques of environmental science.
Course Structure:
Readings will be circulated throughout the period of the seminar.
Participants are also encouraged to share readings with the group.  

The format for the first and second sessions will be lecture, followed by discussion.
- Session I (09. Feb.) will address the critique voiced in feminist economics.
- Session II (16. Feb.) will address alternative voicings, new approaches and synthetic
creativity to be found in the forward looking work of feminist economists, including the voice
and visions of ecofeminism.
The format for the third session will be more interactive.
- Session II (23. Feb.): The session will start with a review of the approches and topics of
selected ecological economists working from an ecofeminism perspective, including Vandana
Shiva, Sabine O'Hara, Mary Mellor and Ariel Salleh.
For the second part of the session, each participant will be requested to prepare and present
a 2-5 minute commentary on how ecofeminism relates to their current, past, or planned
research. We will then wrap up with a more general discussion of how the concepts and tools
of this discourse might enhance or enrich our individual and collaborative works.
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain
Session I Readings:
password protected copies of the readings are provided here for the course participants
Session II Readings:
password protected copies of the readings are provided here for the course participants
Session III Readings:
password protected and direct doi link copies of the readings are provided here for the
course participants:
     Ecological Economics / Volume 20, Issue 2, February 1997
     Women, Ecology and Economics (Editors Introduction: Pages 105-106)
doi: 10.1016/S0921-8009(96)00459-4