Environmental Conflicts Summer School 2010

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

26 June 09 July 2010, Barcelona, Spain


Science and Environmental Governance Sessions

Thursday 8 July 2010


Readings for the Lecture

The Politics of Science: choice and responsibility

Lecturer: Katharine N. Farrell


required reading...


Farrell, Katharine N. 2004. "Who decides who decides: hydroponics and meadow flowers." paper presented at the 8th biennial conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics Montreal, Canada, 11-14 July 2004.


additional, optional readings...


Funtowicz, Silvio O and Jerome R Ravetz. 1993. "Science for the Post-Normal Age." Futures 25(7):739-755.


Farrell, Katharine N. 2008. "The Politics of Science and Sustainable Development: Marcuse's New Science in the 21st Century." Capitalism Nature Socialism 19(4):68-83.